Psychic healer on speed dial – for accelerated business results

When something isn’t right, but you can’t figure out what that is…No amount of forgiveness, tapping, positive affirmations or expert strategies seem to work and all you want is an answer…

Then call me, the psychic healer.

Psychic healer on speed dial – for accelerated business results

When ‘something’ just isn’t right, but you can’t figure out what that is!
No amount of forgiveness, tapping, positive affirmations or expert strategies seem to work and all you want is an answer…

Then call me, the psychic healer.

6 New Clients Within a Week After Our Call!

“I thought I needed to push harder and take bigger leaps in my business. It was stressing me out and making me anxious, but I didn’t recognise it until you pointed it out. You immediately identified which path to take instead, and went deep into feeling my energy, and even touched on points in my life I didn’t mention.

My body and energy immediately relaxed after our call.  The whole week I was able to joyfully focus on my business – no anxiety or stress. Within a week I had 6 new clients!”



I can help you with that…

I offer ongoing business packages for day to day support in situations
like these:

  • Following a strategy, but not getting the results
  • When you just don’t know why “the usual” isn’t working
  • Showing outward signs of success, but feeling overwhelmed, busy, and anxious
  • Wanting to make it to the next business tier, but somehow not breaking through
  • Stuck in patterns that repeat themselves over and over again – like big wins and a string of losses, good clients gone bad, investing followed by buyers remorse, etc.
  • Getting what you wanted, but still feeling so deeply unsatisfied
  • Feeling doubt or indecision about your next action steps
  • Health and relationships breaking down when business is picking up

I enter your energy field and discover the root source of the problem.

We unpack the issue, unravel it, heal it, and set you on a new course towards success in the way you want it – heart-centred, aligned, easy, accelerated, fun, and relaxed. With tangible results to match it – yes, that means dream clients, handfuls of leads, and opportunities around every corner.

That’s the power of deep energetic healing work.

Manifested a 7k Client Right After Our Call!

“I was working on a few different strategies all at once, but didn’t feel good about a couple of them. It didn’t matter though because I was taking every action possible to reach my business goal. I couldn’t figure out why I had a month of stagnation in sales despite close to 40 leads.

Laura took me through an energy healing that revealed deeper layers of my emotional baggage that was in the way to making the sales, and I felt grounded, spacious and confident. Within just a few days after a healing, I had a new 7k client. After our second healing, I immediately booked another consulting client.”


Finally Started Attracting The Ideal Clients…

“I was working with women when I knew I wanted to pivot to working mainly with men, yet I was still attracting female leads into my business.

Our call revealed hidden blockages and fears within my body to owning the desire to work with men. I was able to internally let go of the rejection towards my desired target market.

Since then, my message became crystal clear and men have been reaching out to me naturally.”


I’m Laura Licata,
Psychic Healer

I see, hear and feel things – then use energy healing to move things out of your body and to shift the direction of the energy in your environment.

Think Luke Skywalker using The Force in Star Wars. After 12 years of practise and study, I now apply my clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy and healing to help women in business create fast success, the way they want it.

It’s a transcendent experience, when all else feels heavy, hard, slow, boring, or chaotic. I bring juice and magic back into the picture, along with scary accurate “hits” and insights into your life that will leave you wondering “Did she speak to my closest friend before this call?” Or “How did she know that?”

Expect triggers, reality checks, and counter-intuitive advice you’ve never heard before.

The Next Action Step Became Obvious…And The Anxiety Vanished

“It’s like you physically entered my body, and even felt spots of tension that I didn’t tell you I had, but that you helped me release. Within an hour I was relaxed again, and back into positive and productive thinking about solutions.”


Leads Started Appearing Where There Were None Before

“New opportunities are appearing in places I was looking for years. I have a new idea for a program that has the potential of bringing in 30k/month. I don’t know how it works, but it does.”


2 Sales Calls Booked and Converted After Discovering Her Block

“I was blocked for a while and couldn’t work out why. And just after one session I had 2 sales calls coming in and closed both of them. Laura is your fast track to clearing business blocks.”


We live in a universe of unlimited possibilities. Let’s tap in.

Here are some of the unlimited ways the energy lands for my clients:

Working far less hours, with much greater results

Synchronicities and opportunities appearing out of the blue

Magnetic attraction of ideal clients

Crystal clear downloads for content ideas that end up generating high quality leads

Knowing what move to make next, whether in an investment, a new project, or a life shit

Broke Through Her Block And Started Creating Content!

“I was so confused! I wanted to start some projects, but was completely blocked about where to start, and which projects to focus on and invest in.

Every indication and feeling you told me you had were right. I was able to see the situation from a different perspective and the next move in my career became obvious.

Now I started posting content daily on social media, and weekly on my blog.  I have this new sense of confidence around the decision I made which makes doing the work easy and fun.”


Ready to “use the force” to your advantage? Let’s talk.

I want to hear what’s going on for you right now, then offer you solutions in the way of working with me 1:1.

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